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    First it was hurricane “Irene”, then came hurricane “Sandy”. Every week it seems there are new winter storm warnings. Stop procrastinating. Weather patterns are changing. Get prepared, power outages are occurring more frequently than ever and lasting longer with devastating effects. Stand up to unpredictable weather and unforeseen outages  with the most trusted names in residential standby power. Biles Electrical & Mechanical and Generac. If the power ever goes out, your standby generator goes on -automatically – protecting your family, your business or your home 24/7.

    Generator For Home

    • Weather patterns are changing
    • Expert installation available.
    • Completely automatic
    • Power select circuits or your entire building
    • Peace of mind
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    Complete “Turn-key”  7kW systems starting at around $6500.00 installed.

    Systems up to 9,000 KW

    Biles Electrical and Mechanical are authorized Generac service and dealers. We can handle the entire installation with one phone call. Unlike many other contractors. We are a true “one stop shopping” contractor for standby generator installations. We handle everything including obtaining the correct building permits from your town. We will complete the gas piping installation. Get all final approvals and perform your start up.  Standby generators can involve complicated installation procedures. Don’t make a mistake with other inexperienced contractors. Generator installations can be a classic example of, “you get what you pay for”.

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    Portable generators for business and home –  Portable generators while not ideal, can be professionally installed so that you do not have the dangerous risks associated with extension cords. 

    For more information on Generac Generators, please visit our   Generac Dealer Website.

    Generator Tips

    Generator professionals stress potential buyers need to plan carefully and follow safety guidelines if they use an emergency generator at home.
    For portable generators, have a licensed electrician install a transfer switch and panel. This allows the generator to be plugged into the house system and power selected important circuits, such as heating systems, lights, and refrigerators, and prevents dangerous “backfeed” that could energize power lines and shock emergency workers trying to repair the outage.
    Run generators outdoors only, and keep nearby doors and windows to your home, closed to prevent deadly carbon monoxide from getting into the house.
    Do not use shortcuts like plugging portable generators into the house system via a dryer outlet.
    Use a licensed Electrician to calculate the load requirements you need and buy an adequately powered generator. Remember that some appliances, like well pumps and water heaters, require substantially more power than other appliances.
    Follow maintenance and testing schedules so the generator will work when needed.

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