• Monthly Specials

  • September and October are Heater Months! 1) Clean and adjust the pilot. 2) Check the thermocouple. 3) Adjust burners and clean if needed. 4) Check belt. 5) Check filter and clean if needed. (replace paper filter customer supplied). 6) Check & adjust controls. 7) Check gas valve & regulator. 8) Lubricate motor bearing and lubricate if needed. 9) Check ignition module, flame sensor, ignitors, and thermostat. 10) Run system and check overall operation. For $99.00 + tax Biles Electrical and Mechanical will offer heater check-ups!  

    New Customers mention our coupon on this site and receiver a $25 off your first visit totaling $150 or more. This offer if for first time customers only.  Can only be applied once and cannot combined with any other offer. Cannot be combined with monthly specials.

    Current customers refer a friend to Biles and  get a $25 gift card!  That’s right if your friend has any service work or new installation for $750 or more you will receive a visa gift card for $25.  Just have your friend mention your name when calling us and scheduling their work and we will mail your card out at completion of the work.  Can only be applied once and cannot combined with any other offer.

    *These offers cannot be combined.  Customer may choose one offer only.  This offer is for residential customers only.