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    Biles Electrical and Mechanical technicians specialize in difficult projects and repairs. Many times, we are called in to diagnose or troubleshoot complicated issues that other companies cannot do.

    Whether you’re relocating a 1200 amp manufacturing service, fixing a microwave circuit that keeps popping the breaker, or installing an exotic imported chandelier in a challenging location

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    Massive 8′ diameter  X  6′ tall, 400 Lb  Chandelier Residential Installation.


    Biles Electrical & Mechanical offers many energy saving ideas such as the installation of water saving showers heads and ultra high efficiency hot water boilers.

    On the link below is a Steam Boiler that can save the typical home owner is excess of $1,000.00 annually on their home heating bill.


    Biles Electrical & Mechanical Contractors recommends using only water fixtures that have the EPA Water Sense label on them. This certification can help homeowners save big money on their water consumption and utilities annually. Below is from in an excerpt borrowed from the US EPA website.

    A Shower of Savings

    The average family could save 2,900 gallons per year by installing WaterSense labeled showerheads.
    Since these water savings will reduce demands on water heaters, households will
    also save energy. In fact, a household could save more than 370 kilowatt hours
    of electricity annually, enough to power a house for 13 days. If every household
    in the United States installed WaterSense labeled shower heads, we could save
    more than $2.2 billion in water utility bills and more than 260 billion gallons
    of water annually, which could supply more than 2.5 million U.S. homes with
    their water needs for a year. In addition, we could avoid about $2.6 billion in
    energy costs for heating water.
    commercial lighting and electrical in njInstallation of water $aving shower heads start at just $149.99 (plus the cost of the shower head).

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