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The last thing you want to deal in the scorching summer days of Monmouth is a malfunctioning central air conditioning system. This can turn your life upside down. Throughout the summer season, homeowners rely on their air conditioning systems in order to stay comfortable and cool. When the system shuts down, it can become quite inconvenient and even dangerous.

Many people fail to realize that their AC units are malfunctioning until they experience a major breakdown in the hot summer days. These systems show off warning signs long before they actually fail, leading to a major air conditioner repair.

Looking for Professional AC repairs in Monmouth, NJ? We at Biles Electrical and Mechanical can help. We are a full-service cooling/heating company. We are fully insured and bonded and can install, maintain and repair your central air conditioning systems.

If your central AC system begins exhibiting any of the following warning signs, you need to call a professional contractor for central AC repairs.


The air conditioning units are designed to function quietly. If your AC unit begins making a grinding or chattering sound, this could indicate loose internal parts or a bad motor. AC units become noisier as they age, so if your central AC is louder than normal, call a professional for an upgrade.


AC units contain purification systems for the production of natural-smelling air. A musty or burning smell coming from your AC system could mean there is mold or mildew growth inside the unit or even a wiring problem. If you have observed any of these signs, don’t wait to call a trained AC repair technician for assistance.


If you have observed that your electricity expenses are rising for no reason, then you can blame your AC unit. If there are dirty coils, or if there is a clogged filter or any other problem with your unit, it will take more time to cool down your home. As a result, this will draw more energy than normal. If your monthly utility bill has spiked, call an experienced AC technician to address the problem and fix it.


If your AC unit is not able to keep your room cool anymore, even at the lowest temperature, then it may indicate a faulty compressor. This may also be a sign of a refrigerant leak. Only an experienced AC technician can fix this problem, so if you are in Monmouth NJ, give us a call at 732-251-7070 today!


Is your central air conditioning system giving you the best possible service? It’s imperative that you have a regular AC unit inspection in order to catch the small issues before they turn into major problems. Biles Electrical and Mechanical is the first choice of customers for AC installation, maintenance, and repairs in Monmouth NJ and nearby areas.