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Are You Experiencing Persistent Power Outages?
Has Recent Wild Weather Made You Worried About the Power Supply?

With the increasing frequency of major weather events, generators have become a necessity. A lack of electricity is not only frustrating; it disrupts the daily routine. Having a consistent power supply from a standby or portable generator in your house can be a huge relief from this disruption. Biles Electrical and Mechanical is an authorized service provider and dealer of Generac generators, and we provide professional installation and maintenance of these devices at affordable prices.

When shopping for generators, there are specific factors to keep in mind to ensure you select a generator that properly fits your home’s energy requirements.

Depending Upon How Do You Plan to Use the Generator – Whether for Residential or Commercial Purposes – There Are Numerous Factors That You Need to Consider:


People tend to prefer quiet generators. Inverter generators – which produce minimal noise – are a popular option among homeowners, despite their high cost.


You should opt for a generator that runs on fuel with a long shelf life and that is readily available in the times of emergency. Generators typically run on gasoline, petrol or diesel.


A generator should be able to run all the appliances in the house without going over the wattage (the amount of power available in the circuit while the generator is running).

Ease of Use:

The traditional generator used to have a manual crank start, which required significant strength to start the generator. Modern generators have replaced these ropes with easy starting switches.

Two Things to Do When Purchasing a Portable Generator:
  • The first thing to do is to establish your desired power output. Some portable generators only have enough power to run a few home appliances. Others can run the entire home. Be sure to specify your goals to the dealer beforehand. Decide early what devices in your home need the power supply and what can do without.
  • Secondly, decide what features you want in your generator. Do you want a generator that is air-cooled? What kind of gas serves as its fuel? Always purchase a generator from a dealer who will help you understand every little aspect of the device so that you can make a well-informed decision.
Maintaining a Generator

Standby generators require maintenance once a year. Purchase a Generac standby generator from a credible dealer like Biles Electric, and make sure to get your warranty claim and service agreement.

The generator is an expensive investment. Consider all features and factors before making a purchase. Instead of wandering around stores and settling for an unreliable backup power system, you should purchase standby generators like Generac by Biles Electrical and Mechanical.
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