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If you have ever been without power for any length of time, you probably appreciate the importance of a properly-functioning generator. A generator is essential when it comes to protecting your home against power outages and the loss of electricity.

The life of a generator depends upon the number of hours it is used as the main power source. They always reach a point of saturation where they need either repair or replacement. Determining that saturation point can be a bit challenging. The moment you start noticing that your generator is having trouble, you should immediately call Biles Electrical and Mechanical Generac Generator. We are authorized, Generac service technicians and dealers. We provide repair and replacement solutions for all standby generators. We walk beside our customers every step of the way from ordering parts to installation.

Let’s Discuss Warning Signs That May Indicate You Need to Replace Your Generator:

Frequent Repair:

Outside of regular maintenance, if you notice that your generator is breaking down frequently and requires more-than-routine inspections, it’s time you replace it with another portable generator.

Excessive Fuel Consumption:

If your generator is using too much fuel, that is usually a sign that your generator is not working at its most optimal level. This will ultimately affect its performance, and with time, the generator will wear down, making replacement a necessity.

Erratic Power Output:

If your generator is not putting out strong and consistent power to your appliances and lights, it is likely that it needs replacement, Varied power supply is a clear indicator of a system that is about to shut down.

Unable to Start:

If you don’t get your generator periodically inspected, neglect could render the system useless way before its expected expiration date. A well-maintained generator doesn’t show signs of failure, and it should start immediately after a cut to the power. If you observe any delay, or if it is completely unable to start, you need to replace your generator.

Sudden Carbon Monoxide Emission:

A sure sign that a generator has reached the end of its life is a noticeable increase in the emissions of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, dangerous gas with an adverse impact on health. If your carbon monoxide detector has been picking up increased levels, immediately discontinue the operation of your generator. Get it replaced as soon as possible by contacting Biles Electrical and Mechanical and Generac Generator.

If you notice any of the above signs, immediately call us at 732-251-7070. We not only provide a generator installation service, but also air conditioning and heating system repairs, and boiler repairs and replacement. You can trust Biles Electric. Our team of factory-trained and experienced technicians offers you the best solution for all of your electrical needs.