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Every year in the winter, our furnaces help us stay cozy all season long. When summer arrives, however, some homeowners overlook the necessary maintenance and inspection of this crucial system. This ultimately results in various problems that affect its functionality. The damage that follows may demand some serious attention. All in all, it’s essential that you regularly inspect your furnace so you can avoid the high cost of repairs. If you do detect any malfunction in your electric furnace, you can count on the experts at Biles Electric to comprehensively solve any issues.

Here Are Some of the Signs in an Electric Furnace That May Indicate the Need for an Immediate Repair:

  • Requires Effort to Start

When you start your electric furnace, you may notice that it is difficult to start, or that it takes multiple tries to start. This can be an indication that your unit needs attention to return it to its normal functions. Also, as the unit gets older, it may start to lose stability and functionality. In this case, replacing the unit may be the best option. If, however, the furnace is relatively new and is still exhibiting signs of malfunction, contact our skilled experts to ensure an effective and durable repair.

  • Producing Low-Level Heating

Another common issue is the low output of heat. In this case, your furnace may start producing low-level heat. If your electric furnace is not heating properly, even with the thermostat setting, it’s time to schedule an inspection.

  • Smell

In some cases, you may notice an overpowering smell upon starting your furnace. This could be caused by a lack of regular maintenance in the off-season. If your furnace emits an odor, make sure it gets immediate attention from one of our certified technicians.

  • Irritable Constant Noise

When working properly, your furnace will emit a regular, low-pitched sound. If you start to hear any abnormal, loud, or continuous laboring sounds from your electric units, they may need to be repaired. Call us, and you can be assured that we will respond immediately.

  • Dust in the Air

A malfunctioning furnace will have a noticeable impact on your home’s air quality because dirt and debris will accumulate in your system. A dirty furnace will pollute the air with harmful bacteria upon start. Regular cleaning is essential to creating a healthy home.

Malfunction of thermostat
The thermostat regulates how much heat is emitted into your home. Often, a broken thermostat may indicate serious electrical problems. If this occurs, it’s advisable that you contact a qualified electrical contractor company in NJ to get it repaired.

To Sum It Up

Homeowners rely on consistent, durable furnaces to produce heat during the winter months. Any malfunction can cause discomfort and inconvenience. It’s essential to have your units maintained and inspected regularly. If your furnace needs to be repaired, contact our experts so we can fix the damage effectively.