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A boiler is the source of central heating and hot water. It is an essential system, especially in areas with low temperatures and frigid climates. If you need any help installing a new boiler or repairing an existing one, you can reach out to Biles Electric for exceptional service.

The following are the common boilers problems that might arise without regular service:
Unexplained Noises From the Boiler:

Unexplained noises are a symptom of a boiler problem. You may hear banging, whistling and gurgling noises coming out of the unit. These noises may be caused by leaky pipes, a faulty pump system, or low water pressure or kettling.

Randomly Turning ON/OFF Pilot Light:

Another common boiler problem occurs when the pilot light turns on and off at random intervals. A pilot light is a small blue flame that is should always be lit underneath the boiler. A pilot light may turn off due to faulty thermocouples, which are responsible for maintaining a constant flame.


A broken or rusty internal component could lead to a leak in the boiler. This could turn into a dangerous situation. Leaks are caused by faulty pressure valves or failing pump systems. If not checked and repaired immediately by a professional technician, you may need to have the entire system replaced.

Boiler Turning OFF:

The boiler may not turn on at a scheduled time due to a broken thermostat. Other problems contributing to irregular schedules could include low water pressure, system blockages, and faulty air systems.


A sludge build up or lime scaling can lead to kettling wherein the boiler starts to make unusual and alarming noises. Build up blocks the flow of water inside the heat exchanger, leading to overheating. If not fixed right away, this issue could shorten the boiler’s lifespan significantly.

Frozen Condensate Pipe:

It is very common for the boiler condensate pipe to freeze, especially during periods of extremely low temperatures. Defrosting the condensate pipe can help in clearing out the blockage.

No Hot Water:

Damaged diaphragms, faulty airlocks or thermostats can lead to low water pressure and no heat or hot water.

Cold Patches in Radiators:

When the air gets trapped inside the system, or if the system is old, the boiler may not distribute heat evenly. This issue can be fixed by flushing the system, which should only be done by a certified and trained professional service engineer from maintenance firms like Biles Electric.

By not properly maintaining your boiler, you may encounter many dangerous and costly issues down the road. It’s essential that you get your boiler periodically inspected and serviced or replaced. When the time comes, count on the factory trained and certified technicians and service engineers from Biles Electric. They are a New Jersey-based electrical maintenance and mechanical contractor company with more than three decades of experience in providing the solution for electrical, plumbing and heating issues.