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One of the essential appliances that you need for your daily household activities is a boiler, you cannot imagine your daily work without a boiler especially in winters where water becomes excessive cold. The situation gets even severe when your boiler does not work properly and you cannot even detect the problem. Detecting the problems by which your boiler is unable to perform well lets you win the half-battle.

Generally, most boilers get damaged in winters due to lack of use in summers. Also, boilers break down by aging or improper installation. If you suddenly found your boiler is damaged so there can be several reasons for damage. We at, Biles Electric has a team of experts who can effectively install or repair boilers for its long term run.

However, it’s often we somehow have the idea that the boiler gets damaged and we tend to overlook the problem that further brings problems at a broader level. If your boiler is not working well, then you can detect below-stated problems in your boiler.

1. Leaking

You will find that your boiler is leaking and that can occur due to high water pressure, loose connection or faulty parts in it. If you are facing leakage in your boiler, you can call a team of a well-versed electrician who can solve the problem.

2. Whistling Noises

Another problem is the constant noise of whistling, gurgling and banging that you can hear from your boiler. The noises usually come due to kettling, where limescale builds up in the heat exchanger.

3. Auto Switch Off

You will also find that the boiler is being auto switched off that can transpire due to low water pressure, a problem in thermostat, and frozen condensate pipes. There also can be a visible issue with the supply of gas, electricity, water or oil due to air in the system or any fault in a pump.

4. Pilot Light Fused Off

Fusing off pilot light is one of the common problems, this probably can be noticed due to a broken thermocouple. Also, the fused pilot light also can occur due to the deposit buildup down to pilot light. A drought blowing is another reason for fused off the pilot light.

5. Losing Pressure

You will find the pressure is loosing in the boiler that happens due to water leakage that is the common of all to be detected in the early stage of damage. If you do suffer more often with this problem, it is advisable to call an engineer to fix it up.

To sum it up, a boiler is the one essential thing that should be detected on a regular basis for better functionality and long term goal. Biles Electric is always up to assist you with any household problem, to avail the service, contact us now.

Summary: the homeowners need to know about some of the basic problems that lead to a damaged boiler which ultimately becomes the reason for difficulties in performing daily household activities.